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The Difference with A1 Pest Management Pest Control Services

Premier service at an affordable price. Having pests in your home can be quite an annoyance. They can bring disease to your property and make your living conditions a nightmare. Reclaim your home and don’t settle for anything but the best in pest control. A1 Pest Management are the experts in helping those in the Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast area with their pest control needs for a great price. We have 50 years’ combined industry experience in taking care of clients’ pest related problems. So, whether you need to address a termite infestation, have cockroaches taking over your home or bed bugs keeping you up all night we can help.

A comprehensive approach to pest management by a skilled team

We aim to treat our customers with respect and provide great service when they have a problem. Our work is backed up by a warranty, because we are so confident of the results we can provide. We are fully insured and accredited, so you can have total peace of mind when choosing A1 Pest Management to help you. Browse our website to find the pest problem you have, and read more about how we can assist you.

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Find out what pests are likely to become a problem, and when, with this handy guide by our pest control experts.

We operate in a number of locations including

and other locations around New South Wales and Queensland.

No matter the problem, big or small, we can tackle it all. Perhaps you have a termite infestation that is threatening your home’s integrity and safety. Maybe there is a beehive or wasp nest in your backyard, causing a threat and hazard to you, your family or guests. Cockroaches are annoying and unhygienic, and when there’s a plague of them in your house, it’s best to get rid of them quickly and thoroughly. Maybe your abode is overrun with creepy crawly spiders, or you have rats or mice lurking around. Whatever unpleasant or unsavoury nasties you have, we can deal with them for you.

We uphold the highest safety standards, and will always get the job done promptly and efficiently, so you can go back to living a pest-free life.  

Get us on board for your pest management needs

If you need any help, or to get a free quote, contact us on 0418 564 334 and control your pests with A1 Pest Management.

The do’s and don’ts when you have termites

  • Start treatment as soon as you can if you become aware of termites. Waiting longer could cause your property damage.
  • Make sure that there aren’t any entry points for termites should you get an infestation. You can also prevent more termites infesting your house by keeping piles of debris away from your house.
  • Make sure that if your house is being treated that children and pets are well away from those areas.
  • Make sure that if there are any cracks that they are sealed. Doors and windows need greater attention after a treatment.

  • Think that all the solutions out there are the same. Some may have different levels of effectiveness and vary in toxicity and odour.
  • Make the situation worse by attempting any major structural treatment yourself. Leave this to the professionals.
  • Wait the situation out. Termites won’t leave your property and the longer you leave it the more damage that will be done.


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